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Bio: Welding Gloves of Heat Resistance
1. EXTREME HEAT RESISTANT PROTECTION. Full cow split leather surface(which made from carefully selected high-quality cow leather with thickness depth above 1.2mm), heat insulation, fireproof and soft sweat absorbent cotton inside, denim cuffs, that make these gloves to withstand temperatures at least 662 °F(350°C) and enough to handle most of the high-temperature work.
2. THICK AND SOFT. These gloves are made from specific parts of the cow, which is not only thick but also soft and flexible with extreme heat/fire resistance and puncture resistance, cut resistance and moderate oil resistance. So it can effectively improve your work efficiency.
3. DURABLE KEVLAR STITCHING. The gloves uses Kevlar thread, that means it more resistant to high temperatures than other heat resistant gloves and not easy to break, very suitable for high-temperature work. Reinforced palm to cushion hands when working with heavy weight or sharp objects.Excellent performance in heavy duty welding, gripping hot stuff such as stove & cookware & burning coal or firewood.
Product AB grade Full Cow Split Leather Welding Gloves
Model AB grade
Size XL/14"
Material Full Cow Split Leather
Application They are not only for welding but also useful for many other work and home tasks. Idea for Grill, Barbecue, Stove, Oven, Fireplace, Cooking, Pruning flowers, Gardening, Camping, Campfire.
Color Red
Package Paper Hanger Welding Tools quotation
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